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How it works

We believe that sports make people happy

Movit Sport is a platform made to make sports more accessible and affordable. With our website you easily check what sports are offered close to you. With a few click you book your sports experience. Payment options include iDeal, Paypal and creditcard. That way you can easily to your favourite sport without the need for a subscription. So move it and book your sports experience today via Movit Sport.



"Reservation of my squash court was super easy and cheap! Squash is a great sport and Movit Sport makes it accessible for everyone!"

- Miriam, Groningen


‘’I booked a tennis court at Kardinge within a minute. Movit Sport is an easy platform which motivates me in doing my exercise!’’

- Ruben, Groningen

Nick & Jeanine

‘’It’s very nice that we can book a squash court without a subscription so easy with Movit Sport.”

- Nick & Jeanine, Groningen